Saturday, October 9, 2010

Royal Society for the Protection of Condemned Fabrics

I've elected myself as the national ambassador for a new society that liberates fabrics which have been condemned to a life of darkness and mothballs, waiting for some "spare time" to be given life.
(in my (youthful) experience, life doesn't give Spare Time - Spare Time must be made, or even, when necessary, stolen.)

and so, from the dark recesses of sewing cabinets around the country I am committed to ransoming fabrics!

and from the stacks of banana boxes 7 storeys high in the small side room of the local St Someone op shop, I will save them!
gorgeous metres that were originally bought with great hopes and intentions but pushed aside by life (you know how it is).
and now, the babes without Pumpkin Patch it was bought for are grown and it's moment to shine has been and gone.

or has it?


  1. Need an assistant? Love them. Cx

  2. Thank you ambassador Dee, without you at our helm these forsaken souls would surely be lost forever. Keep up the good work!
    PS I love seeing your stash, you always make the best things! x

  3. Can I say I have fabric envy! Wow, what a find - yikes, I'd be too scared to cut into them!

  4. hi dee! thank for your comment on my blog! yes i do sell them. some on my felt but im happy to do whatever colors you might want!! pretty blog you have here!! :D

  5. awesome!! actually so hard to find from my experience...if you ever want to sell any...? x


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