Tuesday, November 23, 2010

glee. gah! gardens.

i spent the weekend at my parent's while JR was fly-fishing deep in a bush somewhere 5 hours drive from here.
i arrived to a sewing table set up in the lounge for me! oh my bliss! (the view = distracting!)

i almost completed the 7 dolls i had taken out to make up - ran short on stuffing....gah!

hands up if you remember my mum's loo?
well, she has equally mad skills in the garden too:

i'm seriously hatching a plan in my head to do a craft-retreat with my mum at her place...who's in?


  1. *groan* I wanna live in NZ so I can come too *tantrum on floor* ;P
    that would be seriously amazing you should definitely do it!


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