Saturday, November 13, 2010

good news or bad news first?

i am down two kids for 48 hours and the other two are being largely ignored while i indulge in needless creativity finish a "christmas present" (hint)
so far, i LOVE!

the bad news is: two losses of epic proportions...two families both only JUST threw out their elderly parents "stuff" (ie vintage fabrics and floral sheets and wooden cotton reels etc) a couple of days before expressing interest in it. one to the dump! (gasp) and the other to the Sallies. too awful to even think upon!

the good news is: postcards of the "let's run away" fabric art thingie (seen above) are on their way in the mail. kewwwlness!!


  1. That bad news made me feel sick to my stomach. At least the stuff that hit the sallies will find loving homes, but the dump! I can't believe it!!!! However, that bunting is divine, and I can't wait to see those postcards! I think my mailbox needs one... I'll swap you for something that I picked up for you in the Bay... Can you guess what it might be? I'll try to post it soon!

  2. The bunting looks lovely! And yes, what tragic news!!

  3. Groan...I feel that pain of that loss... Did you make that bunting? Cx

  4. Oh no! Such bad timing! Stella is right though - at least someone will get to enjoy the Sallies donation! I LOVE that bunting and can't wait to see your postcards and get my hands on some too hopefully!! :)

  5. Bummer!

    But killer bunting.

    I am SO glad you're making postcards of your artwork. SO GLAD!!!!


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