Friday, November 19, 2010

make my week #46 - cushion for a boy

Whenever he is asked, Monte (2yrs) insists he would like a digger chushion for Christmas.

And so...

a digger cushion it is!
i used some orange vinyl that was headed for the dump and an old woollen blanket (you know the ones..)
if you want to try it yourself, (especially you mamas of boys who need gift ideas), here's how:
  • go to any free clipart website and search for [whatever] silhouette.
  • resize image.
  • trace onto felt/fabric/retro vinyl (that preferably doesn't smell a little musty like mine!).
  • cut.
  • sew. or glue - but in my experience kids like to pick things that aren't firmly atttached!
  • make cushion as you wish. i simply overlapped the back of mine because i was officially on parenting duty and thought my absence may have become noticed if i had begun fiddling around with a zip ;)

(if all has gone according to plan i will be at my mum's while you are reading this. sewing these:

7 dolls out of all my rescued or gifted vintage fabrics.

show you Monday????


  1. have I ever told you that you are a mah zing!??

  2. LOVE that digger cushion!! Jarvis is standing behind me saying 'oooooooh, digger....oooooooh' ;)


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