Friday, November 12, 2010

make my week - giveaway

i'm making your week this week!

around this time last year i looked a whole lot different and would never have imagined the places 2010 would take us.

the very very least expectation is that i would have more than a handful of followers on a facebook page.
and yet...
here we are. over two-hundy! (whaaa...?)

and so, to say a sincere and deeply grateful "thank you" for the phenomenal support i've had this year from the blogging/hand made community this year i present you with this giveaway:
~the blue-ish, red-ish, christmas-ish
TINY EYES giveaway~

giveaway includes:
* 3 Christmas decorations
* one plush owl
* one 6x4 paintingette
* two pieces of yummy vintage fabrics
* one "our folk" postcard print
* one repurposed teatowel bag
it's all wrapped, ready to be sent to your mail box!

conditions of entry:
* you must be a follower here or a "liker" on my Tiny Eyes facebook page
* leave a comment here or tag the image over on fb (or both!)

entries close on 30th nov 2010
winner will be drawn 1st Dec 2010



  1. Yay - love your creations and blog. Congratulations!!!

  2. what a gorgeous giveaway, I love red, white and blue. congratulations on writing such a great blog, have a lovely weekend :)

  3. How lovely! Facebook wouldn't let me tag the image (silly old facebook), so leaving a message here instead :) Thank you for doing such a gorgeous giveaway!

  4. Oo oo oo, count me in! I'd love to win some lovely creations from such a talented lady. How on earth you find the time with four kids (especially with one under one) is pretty impressive!

  5. what a gorgeous giveaway. I always read your posts through KMB but have now started following too :)

  6. ooh I love a giveaway and i love your blog! thanks so much :)

  7. This is such an awesome giveaway!

  8. LOVELY. You are inspirational. Cx

  9. COngratulations Dee, really enjoying your blog! You're a real inspiration.

  10. I unabashedly want a slice of your grooviness.

  11. What a gorgeous assortment of goodies. I especially love the owl and the bag :-) Please count me in.

  12. Dee, I will literally DIE if I don't win! Do you really want that on your conscience?

  13. what an amazing giveaway! you are so talented but i'm sure i've told you that before :)

  14. Goodness what a fabulous giveaway, so much Tiny Eyes gorgeousness. xx

  15. I LOVE your work! And your words....And your blog!!! Bit spesh really!

  16. oh i love this! what gorgeous goodies :) xxx kel

  17. ooooh I almost missed this post!!

  18. ohhh thanks for the reminder! There doesn't seem to be a tag option for photos anymore (or maybe it's time for new glasses) Am loving all your crafty bits and love your dolls - very sweet :)

  19. What a super fun giveaway! Love your blog, you are super talented, lady! xx

  20. I am a follower I needed to find a link to you again because we are on a new computer. You make such cool stuff and Dec 1st is my birthday so I have my fingers crossed! Thanks you are very generous.


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