Tuesday, November 16, 2010


please, please, please!

I need some ideas for great, meaningful Christmas traditions.
The self-obsession and preoccupation with "getting" is killing me.


  1. OOO Christmas is fun in our family.
    I am one of 4 kids so that is a family of 6. We each pull a name out of the hat (this happens late oct) and that is our person we buy for. We then spend the next 2 months creating, shopping, hunting out gifts that our person will love. For example: this year I have my Mamma. So far I have collected a set of delicious sheets which were marked down about 80%, I created a label for her to put on her home made tomato sauce that she makes each year. A cute little make up purse from the markets, a few little make up items from different stores (low cost). A set of baby jars that I have put pretty labels on for her to store herbs or other kitchen items in. Two really pretty tissue boxes I found in the supermarket. 3 tins of special tea.

    This whole process makes it SUPER fun because it requires lots of thought and creativity with our gifts and the best part is watching the person open their gift - it is SO fun.

    This is getting long...i'll keep going ha.

    My sister and I love to help mum out with Christmas cooking. We make all sorts of baked treats which we then distribute to family friends instead of doing HEAPS of gifts. People love to receive something home made. We make a big Christmas bread (which is sweet with fruit in it) which is braided into the shape of a wreath and iced. mmmmmmm

    Dad and my brothers are in charge of hauling out all the decorations and then as a family one evening we decorate the tree etc.

    We have special Christmas music we play and we also go to at least 3 Church events which have put on interesting or meaningful Christmas services (eg: a traditional service, a play and a carols evening)

    I hope that helps


  2. Oh I hear you!

    Here are a few ideas that we have tried with our kids, trying to get the focus off getting!

    A few weeks or months before Christmas, we sort through the kids toys, books etc and decided what could be donated to the Salvation Army, for those kids who don't have much. Sometimes the kids decided to give away really precious things, which is so sweet.

    We think of a family/neighbour we know who doesn't have much, and secretly give them a gift/voucher/money. The kids really love this, especially the 'secret' part. We sometimes also talk about how we may spend a bit less on them this year so that we can give to someone who really needs it (it's really cute to watch their reaction to this ;)

    The night before Christmas we have a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake, to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. We also read the Christmas story to them and have eggnog.

    A family at our church bake biscuits every year and give to random people.

    Heaps of fun ideas, hope you find some traditions that you love. xoxo

  3. i like the baking biscuits thing. I bake heaps and heaps of muffins and do them all up in half dozens in containers and make christmas cards and deliver them to my neighbourhood on Christmas eve.

    You could do that with your kids and they could decorate the cupcakes, or I have also done gingerbread heart cut outs and piped icing on them to each say "faith", "hope", "love".


    You could also just stop the tradition of buying presents for your kids. Shock factor? haha. There are many many families who don't buy each other gifts (or shower their kids with presents)

  4. hey doll
    we do a number of things here...I have made a 12 days beofre christmas pocket calender and each pocket has a 'doing' project/event and a few lollies ...some of these inlcude baking for our neighbours, leaving christmas tracts in letterboxes, christmas theme movie night all togther with treats and blanets...go to bed with the cd player singing christmas carols softly, chose an item to donate form their own things, wrap it up and add it to the sali basket,bake chritsmas treats for ourselves, christmas art, decorate the tree, paint the windows with the nativity story, light the brazier and roast marsh,allows and think of all the thinkgs we are grateful for...and on Christams day we genreally make a family time capsule...we have 4 now looking forward to being opened...some ideas anyways! and in terms of presents, its a modest limit per kid, with something they need, something the want/love and somewthing for a bit of fun...love hearing others ideas...inspiring. xx

  5. We have Christmas as a time of sharing- It is Jesus' birth we are celebrating and he loves us so much that we all get share in celebrating His birthday. We have Jesus' birthday cake (aka Christmas cake), that I make each year. We do 1 family present and keep the focus on a time of sharing. The kids get one or 2 small things from us, but know that the their time for presents is their birthday. We don't have Santa at all. The focus is the true Christmas story. Cx

  6. what a sweet letter. I'd love to get some special and meaningful Christmas traditions going too. And yes get away from the emphasis on gifts!

  7. Hey!
    Have you read 'Treasuring God in our traditions?' by Noel and John Piper. It's great.... I am going to be a nerd and cut and paste the book blurb here for you.... love and much of it! x

    God is the treasure of our lives. He is part of everything we do, think, act, and say-literally, he is a part of us. This precious heirloom of Christ himself must be passed on to future generations. But how?

    Treasuring God in Our Traditions presents the importance of passing along Christ-centered traditions and a Bible-saturated legacy in Christ to future generations. Noël Piper helps her readers recognize how the "everyday" routines of life and the "especially" celebrations of holidays and dates can be practically passed down to future generations. When parents and grandparents seek to pass along the treasure of God to their children and grandchildren, they will develop and deepen their love for him.

    When family traditions are rooted in the Bible, the next generations will see that the greatest treasure that anyone can have is the treasure of God.

  8. That illustration is absolutely priceless!! I love it!!! :) x

  9. PS - forgot to mention, I think I am doing a 4 gift Christmas this year (and a stocking) Want, Need, Make, Read.


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