Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wardrobe wednesday - paisley!

wow! i haven't done WW for ages.
nothing too earth shattering this week...
top: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
jandals: gifted

and yes, i took my son out to the supermarket in his polka dots...i LOVE them! (i think i was almost disappointed there weren't any "aww, cute girl" comments...)

i bought a GORGEOUS handmade (handsewn hems baby!) black/floral frock for $2.50 at post-supermarket "detour". can't wait to share~

PS. thanks for the response to my SOS yesterday x


  1. Love this outfit!
    would totally wear it. lots.

  2. Hear hear with all the other comments. I especially LOVE the top, such a cool colour.


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