Tuesday, December 7, 2010

boys toys

don't all turn and stare but apparently there is one lone (brave?) male reader of this blog.
so this post is for him. partly.
and also to SHOW OFF the epic day my son and his BFF (do boys have BFFs??) had the other day when they gate-crashed the youth group 4WD day:

riding shot-gun.
(that's my Dad driving :) )

(i learnt to drive stick in this ex-army Jeep. i know, we're talking mega bonus cool points now huh)

with his Dad hero

tell me this seriously isn't every 4 year old's dream day??

especially when you're with your BFF


  1. So cute! I'm sure the lone male will feel very special knowing this was just for him :)

  2. Very cute!! You just might attract more male readers with a post like that!! ;)

  3. That looks so fun...I would love to try it myself one day!

  4. Yes, I do read. Mostly for the legendary parenting advice. But this dirt and petrol stuff is AOK too.

    But does one need tiny eyes to see, and then purchase, this stuff? Pray tell.

    Tell Calvin to get his script to me.

    I will continue to read, affectionately reconstructed, DB.


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