Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Day Dress

am: an almost-full circle skirt
pm: a dress

i LOVE a good repurpose/upcycle (even if it is somewhat Maria Von Trapp-ish!)
i made this for Jada to wear on Christmas day.
however, i may chicken out and let her wear the more "fashionably acceptable" Pumpkin Patch option...gah~
Have you made/bought your children new Christmas outfits?


  1. Love it - not at all von trappish (although I do love that movie!!).

    Have bought the kids a few new items of clothing as Christmas presents - haven't been clever enough to make them anything this year! :)

  2. I LOVE it!! What a gorgeous, individual ;) Christmas day dress!! I have killed 2 sewing machines in the process of sewing clothes for Ella this year but have managed 2 easy skirts, one pair of vintage sheet pj pants and one peasant dress with vintage doily pocket plus I have one hat, another pair of pants and two little rabbit skirts once I find a working machine lol. It is my first year making things myself which is exciting! :)

  3. gorgeous!!! will you adopt me?

  4. Adore!!! I would totally wear that! Pumpkin Patch = don't do it!! Stand fast by your amazing skillfulness and be proud :)
    Merry Christmas!! Hope you and your fam have a lovely day xx


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