Saturday, December 4, 2010


it's that festive time again. my custom shelf is proving to be full of merry and glad tidings.
However, if you thought the rest of my house was full of Peace and Goodwill to Men, you would be very, very wrong:

oh dear.
see, i'm home alone with just the babe and we are letting all the rules go! it is a MESS!!! (but a good, sewing-crafty kind of mess.)
It's been lovely hanging out with this fun little guy without him having to fight 3 older siblings for some attention.

this time last year, I was also home alone sewing. the vibration of sewing kept setting off braxton hicks.../sigh. where did this year go


  1. He is gorgeous. Love the no shirt and beads look. Rocking it!

  2. haha - cute pics!! Loving your top too - do I spy paisley?

  3. he is scrumptious!
    so glad you have a "creative mess" too! ;)

  4. oh man, he is SO scrummy. Why is it pictures of other babies make me yearn for MORE, when I have one of a similar age myself?! (go away cluckiness, I am simply not ready yet).

    Also love the crafty mess! Wish I had some of that around here... but alas, no... just real mess :/

  5. curious now. Our church is big though...

  6. So funny that you know him but I've never met him... but I know Sarah! And that the other bloggy girl knows Sarah too! She wrote after your comment!

  7. Looks like fabulously fun chaos to me! And he is just a delectable wee poppet, isn't he? Why stop at four, you clearly have great genes!
    Love the Crown Lynn swan too, been looking for one for AGES and still no luck...


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