Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make my Week #50 - creative confusion!

(i almost typed #52 in the title! sheesh, eager!)

i've still been in MAKE-overdrive this week...

1. a new 'product' I'm really excited about:
(a special thanks to Cait of CHD for the loan of the gorgeous model)

there are only 2 more of these bags available, email me if interested :)


2. a little bit o' portraitin:


3. oh, and we had a birthday...which means a birthday cake.
(don't judge, it was late and all those pentagons and hexagons were challenging!!)


4. some dolls being prepped for INTERNATIONAL travel :)


5. some Chrissy eat-treats:


6. a Chrissy present for my MIL - reusable supermarket bag:

i *love* this bag!! isn't it adorable?!
and didn't Spotlight do well providing the gorgeous retro foodie fabric? yes, i was immediately charmed too

happy weekend!! xo


  1. love the paintings and the bags!!!

  2. I love all your weekly creations. Am totally stealing this as a challenge for myself next year going to credit you for the inspiration though. You are a wonderfully creative person.

  3. that doll is perfect! actually wanting to order something similar for sophia now...


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