Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make my Week #51 - Festival of Flags

i made this bunting for my mum for Christmas (it is, of course, modelled on the infinitely more talented Dottie Angel's one)
i like to call it a "Festival of Flags". it's kind of like a personal i.d. card - except it's flags. in a bunting-like manner.
i included words such as; garden, family, faith, make, love, baking....and images from vintage patterns.
all things that i.d. my mother as who she is.
(i hope she likes it. but i know that even if she doesn't she'll get it. and that is enough.)

and in case you're feeling overwhelmed by your To-Do list...consider the poor author of this list i found sitting on the table this afternoon:

sheesh! i feel exhausted just reading it!

Wishing you all Love and Peace this Christmas


  1. Great list :) and that bunting is AWESOME!! hmm, I say that a lot to you but everything you do is uber cool! What a meaningful gift!
    PS. Your awesome (he he) postcards arrived today - thanks heaps I love them and one of the "lets run away" ones has already ran away to my friends house, and she adored it! xx

  2. How could your mum NOT love it!


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