Friday, December 31, 2010

make my week #52 - mix n match!

i can't believe we are really here. 52 weeks! it's been so much fun making stuff for this last year.

i LOVE this week's creation.

1. take one much-too-small Principal's dress that has been rejected from your trendy younger sister's wardrobe.
2. add a thrifted skirt with magical seer-sucker 70s fabric.

3. cut through the middle.

4. donate the lower half to the girl-offspring and keep the upper half for yourself.

(Did i hear someone ask if that is a scalloped hem on the girl-offspring's dress? why yes it is :)
i know...cute huh!!)

Jada's bodice came from dress that had already been partially cut up for fabric. divine.

ps. happy new year!!
we're away for a bit and i'm so excited to spend the time refocusing for 2011.
be safe and blessed


  1. I love it - so clever! Have an amazing New Year!!

  2. I love them, well done! Yes, I was scrolling back and forth thinking "I'm sure that hem wasn't scalloped!" ha ha. :)

  3. I love that your 'about' description includes 'milk maker'! My parents have a home video of me talking about my milk makers when I was five and my dad showed it to Brett (husband) when he was visiting one time before we were married. HA! Talk about getting to know someone better!


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