Friday, December 10, 2010

Make my Week #49 - Silly Season Stuff

right, buckle up, here we go~~~

1. Christmas Eve jammies for all the kiddos:
2. a skirt for the stocking:

3. super hero capes for the boys' stockings:(for Ty's cape I copied an adorable ferocious picture Ty drew of a dinosaur eating an elephant. it has already scoffed a 'bird'...which is bleeding in its tummy! haha)

3. a reusable shopping bag

(this was a Thank You gift for a friend's MIL who gave me some gorgeous vintage fabrics. i used some of the fabrics she gave me in the bag. i hope she likes it! i figured those reusable shopping bags are generally ugly anyway so hopefully she can still bear to use it even if she hates it!)

5. Then there was this one custom doll I made. oh my! wished i could show you more of her. she's definitely a fave :)

and there are still at least 10 things on the list and/or half done!!


  1. love love love!!! i love ty's drawing. glad to see he's all into blood and guts! were you tempted to make a super heroine cape too?? and i pretend i don't even have time to send xmas cards!!!! you are amazing xoxo J

  2. That drawing is hilarious!!! actually laughed out loud!
    yes you are totally amazing. And love those homemade p.js! I always hear of other people saying how their tradition is new p.js every Christmas eve and I always think to myself "nice but pffffft with 4 kids that's STILL a HUGE purchase"
    love how you are bringing the simple back in such a fabulous way

  3. I love everything! You have been so industrious and I love that you value handmade so much. We do Christmas eve pjs too, this is the first year I am making them myself - yay! :)

  4. So fun Dee!! Loving the little green cape on your latest doll! x

  5. You are such a busy bee, I am super impressed! They are all super cute too, but I especially love the shopping bag (it's not ugly, it's fabulous fabric, in fact I made a very similar one myself!).
    You are actually rather amazing :)

  6. Wow Dee, You are awesome, I love all your creations.

  7. I ,like Widge, LOVE that super hero drawing. Boys will be boys hey!

  8. You are officially amazing!! That doll looks exquisite! I'm still too busy working my way through a list of portrait commissions to think about Christmas... It's a little depressing at times, I have to admit!


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