Thursday, December 16, 2010

this time last year~

we met our sweet #4 for the first time...

i watched Danny's birth on video today for the first time ever** (it's right between the church Christmas concert and Ty's kindy concert if you ever find yourself watching that one day at our house...!!avert eyes now!!)

it was AMAZING. about two minutes after he was born i heard myself say "that was lovely. that was really lovely" ( i had to rewind and listen to confirm that that was, in fact, what i had said!). and it was, a lovely birth.
and a lovely babe.
and a lovely year.

we are so truly blessed

Happy birthday my baby boy!! xoxox

**problem: my uterus (and my daughter) are now begging for another now. doh!


  1. Beautiful! So very beautiful. I can see why your uterus would be begging for another, it looked like a lovely special birth. LOVE the photo with your husband and children all around you and the brand new bubba. I'm doing a homebirth for our #3 in May which is still quite a new and outrageous thing in the UK...! Seeing photos like these get me very excited about our decision :) Have a wonderful Christmas X

  2. oo christmas baby,love! your amazing xx

  3. Not if, but when I have thought for a while (for you, not me!). Lovely family and dear sweet boy. Cx

  4. hehehe. you so should TOTALLY have another one!Why not eh?? Would love to join you! Can't afford the kilos though - sigh....
    Happy birthday sugarboy xx

  5. Yay - Happy Birthday wee gorgeous man!! :)

  6. oh so sweet!!
    go for it! My good friend is on her 5th now, a baby girl arriving after FOUR boys!! :) and she reads your blog. I felt to share

  7. Beautiful. Love the whole family there so immediately to share in the experience. So wonderful to hear you say 'it was lovely'. So many women have such bad birth experiences that it is a real blessing from God to have had a wonderful experience like yours was. And look at the lovely little guy he has become. So sweet.


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