Thursday, March 17, 2011

almost there!

day 11: Hamilton zoo

day 12: 'nightshift'

(i never do nightshift usually. two weeks of it has been...well, let's just say it's been great "character-building" and leave it at that!!)



and in case you thought this solo-mothering interval was all roses and fairytales...this is what happened 1 second after the above photo:

can anyone say "meltdowwwwwn"!!!
haha, Ty and Danny both wanted the book. Monte's about to hit Danny and Jada's terrified mum's going to announce she's Had It and won't read the chapter book tonight.
(I did)

2 more sleeeeeps!!


  1. Ms Dee, I just have to say it. You are doing SO SO well. So well. I'd be in the corner rocking back and forth by now I'm sure of it And as you say you're almost there. Yay for that!!!!!!

    I'm so in awe of your solo parenting. I've been given the opportunity to do it for a few days in early May and I chickened out and asked my two regular house/babysitters to come and stay with me and the boys that week to help out with the 'night' shift. Gutless huh!

  2. You are doing amazing! You definitely deserve a day (at least) all to yourself for some pampering when your 2 weeks is up!
    I really like Hamilton Zoo - so much better than Auckland zoo. Lots of paddocks & the chimp enclosure is very cool!

  3. Yeah, that brings back memories! good luck for the final few days, woohoo!

  4. how did you spot my lovely Guitar pin!!!! will post a closer pic later, i adore it!!! was in my dads collection. love it!!

    you have such a beautiful family! LOVE all the pics of all of you,makes me smile every time you post!

    Excited for you that your Mr is coming home this wknd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  5. Hehe! real life at it's best!

  6. I love that last pic!! keeping it real!
    I am doing a fair bit of solo parenting at the moment with hubby in Oz so I can totally empathise. Right at this moment my 5 year old is screaming that she has changed her mind and wants the bath I offered three hours ago..while all three of them try to go to sleep in one room... just lovin' it...not!


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