Tuesday, March 15, 2011

day 10's a downer

day 10.

it absolutely would have been a 3-coffee-day today if i wasn't so sick of the awful coffee i have been drinking (at my own hands, i am certainly no barista) the last 10 days. ack!

yes, the Pity Party was determined to gatecrash today.
i stoically managed to (mostly) keep them out but a few dribs and drabs found their way in... :(

and so, some visual perker-uppers from my birthday present to myself, Spaces by Frankie:

it really is quite yummy!

(in lieu of a 3rd coffee, i am off to watch a chick flick and eat some chocolate. then maybe go to bed early so there will only be 3 sleeps to go instead of 4...hurrah!)


  1. Hang in there! Not long to go now. Sending you a yummy virtual coffee and a big huge hug xox

  2. I'm so with you there. Ack being a part is stink!! less than a handfull of sleeps left now xx

  3. OMG I'm loving your blog! I found you thanks to handmade for ChCh! Your mag looks fab too...I think I can spy some dotti angel in there. Your children are beautiful xox


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