Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heather hearts Christchurch

did you see all the softies Leonie has collected so far for the Softies for Christchurch? aren't they amazing?:


hey, wait a minute! look who's in amongst it all...

remember "Heather"? the L'il Magoolie Valentine's Day giveaway doll?Italic

well, Sarah from Cotton Kiwi won her...and then, about 10 days later, donated her (there are some seriously generous people around) for the kids of Christchurch.

Heather's had a very interesting journey so far and i'm so excited that it is continuing in such a special way.

and this one, who has been waiting for just-the-right-home for So Long will be joining Heather too

thanks Sarah!

and thanks Leonie!


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  1. Hey, I just made something to send last night. Just finishing it off. Lovely dolls from you. Cx


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