Friday, March 11, 2011

made my week #9

through the week i have sometimes wondered, 'what if this was my life? forever, with no more JR?'. an elderly widower from church called yesterday and after inquiring after us, i asked how he was. his voice cracked as he answered, "oh, i am so weary and lonely".
i replied, 'yes, i only have this for 2 weeks...'
with an empty laugh he quietly replied, 'yes, only two weeks of Misery'.
and so, as usual, there is so much to be deeply thankful for:

new life. amazing!

day 4 at Raglan beach - 9 to go

poor 4th child. so neglected.

hurrah! an up-close, real-life digger!

day 5 - 8 to go

if i look totally smashed in the last photo it's because i am. (but seriously, which mother isn't?)
and yes, there is an extra babe in the picture. my older sister, from the south island, stayed over with her precious son last night. so delicious~


  1. aw that poor old man :(
    Our church has a "Senior Saints" group. Something like that would help with the loneliness of losing friends and loved ones over the years.
    Hope the rest of the time goes by smoothly for you


  2. Senior Saints is a small group lead by a older couple in our church. Just a support group for the elderly of our church. I think they meet up at a home and have a bible study together.
    As a youth group event one year we had a dinner for them and us and just served them. Youth and older folks sitting side by side just getting to know each other. About 5o all up.

  3. Have loved seeing your photos - and wow, really feeling for widows out there. Times like this really make us appreciate our guys.

  4. i too have those moments when my Mr is away for just a night,how lonely and quite. love the....poor 4th child. so neglected photo!! beautiful!!

  5. Great photos Dee - yeah the poor negleted 4th child photo is delicious! Bless the little guy :)
    The conversation with the widower must've been heart-wrenching - totally makes you want to hold your dear ones close. Hope the remaining days before hubby returns go quickly (& smoothly!) XX


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