Monday, March 21, 2011

on par

i was tucking Ty up and said to him, "you must be so glad your Daddy is home"

he replied, "I am. My feet are still 'clicking'. "

(i could hear him twitching his feet non-stop under the blankets)

oh, and don't be fooled by the kid standing there, he'd tell you he can't stand on his own if you were to ask him!! he is so much like Monte (who also hit golf balls before walking) and i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he beats Monte's record for being slowest to walk. at least this time i won't be pregnant and lugging an 18mo around though i suppose.


  1. ahhh, he not silly - knows the best place is up high where he can see everything and keep an eye on his siblings!

  2. Boo hoo, I lost the bid for Patty Doll. But I hope it's going to a great home. Nelson would have been warmer than Dunedin, but the bidding was exciting, Dee.


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