Sunday, April 24, 2011

why the 'yuk'~

thank you for your kind comments.
i didn't mean to alarm you, but it is something we need to be aware of.
so, in hope to aid your safe journey through the internets i'll share what freaked me out:
i have a very small collection of photos on flickr - mostly of dolls and stuff i've made. but in order to free up some hard drive space i had put some photos from blog posts over there too.
always pretty careful about privacy and content.
but if you remember a few weeks ago i posted an adorable photo of Monte wearing Jada's fairy dress? (don't bother searching for it, it's gone) that was one of the photos over at flickr.
it had gained a lot more hits than i care to think about.
(most likely from a pretty perverse community)

so, it isn't blogger that's necessarily the problem but the thought of exposing my children to violation - however unintentionally - is the concern. especially in the copying/misuse of their images.

so my options are:
1. go through all my posts and delete images of kids
2. go private and do invites/requests up to 100 readers.
3. go private and have a separate "make-stuff"/Tiny Eyes blog.
4. delete entire blog and start fresh.
5. delete and quit blogging.

we're having a mini-break this week so i think i'm going to take this time to decide on my course of action (i'd appreciate any suggestions though! am i overreacting??)

(further reading on this topic is this post by Angela from Striking Keys)


  1. awwl Dee. Pray about it aye. Definitely going to limit my kids exposure on my blog now :(

  2. I have thoughts about this all the time... and am actually starting to reduce the number of photos I put on of my kids. I'm going to re-start my more family blog again and make it a private one. I keep putting readers off my blog anyway :)

    Will be keen to see what you decide.

  3. ugggg. poor you. good luck with your decision xo

  4. A couple of months ago I actually deleted all my kids photos off facebook ....after I got freaked out by someone who had tried to become my friend. I'm still on facebook but I never put anything personal up anymore. The internet is great but scary too! You have to be so careful.

  5. Dee you definitely are NOT overreacting! This is your children we're talking about!
    you've definitely made me more aware and a little worried - got some thinking/praying/deiding to do!
    xx Stacey

  6. I'm in agreeance, I don't think you are over reacting at all. I am thankful that you have brought this to light.
    I hope you find peace with whatever decision you reach.

  7. Aw :o( It's really hard aye? Makes me want to limit how many photo's of my boys I load up, but at the same time I love shering our adventures and stories. good luck xx

  8. Am in the midst of dealing with this too! Have just slurped the last 12 months if my blog into a blurb book, waiting for it to arrive then will delete all those entries from my blog and only post non munchkin related things. I thought about starting again/private but worried that I would lose too many readers. I look forward to hearing what you decide to do. It is awful that there are people out there who threaten our safety/security and innocence.

  9. stinks huh! I love your blog!

    Makes me think about mine too and my children!



  10. I try not to have full face shots of my kids on my blog, just mainly hands and feet etc for this reason. It's a shame that it has to be like this.

  11. Yuk is right. How very dumb that there are creepy-creeps who lurk :(
    You are right to be careful. Hope you are able to find that 'healthy balance' X

  12. i struggle with this every time i blog! I've now decided not to put up any real names and no 'interesting' photos. never ones in the bath, naked etc etc. But also i've almost stopped blogging because of 'who' might read it all and I might still stop because of it still. I've taken down personal posts and won't write anything deep and meaningful anymore. it was causing my inbox to explode and my husband to be annoyed... haha feels better though!

  13. its truely a sad thing. i set up my blog for mainly family overseas, so they could see what the children are up to but i've met some cool people through my blog and would hate to make it private :( makes you wonder. i don't put up any naked or near naked pictures. take care dee x


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