Wednesday, May 4, 2011

kids art class #1: peacocks

during the 2 winter terms our local homeschooling group meets every fornight to do "classes" together. i volunteered to run an art class for the 4-6 year olds. that means 2 hour-long sessions, back to back, 6 times this term. (yikes)

today we drew/coloured/painted peacocks.


::the little girl who saw my example picture and said, "i can't do that!" and then did do it (top right painting)

::Ty (saying out loud with other mums in the room): i think this looks as good as your paintings aye mum?
Other mum: oh, does your mummy paint a lot does she?
Ty (just try to imagine his tone): all the time. 
pfft! hahaha

and if you want to do this with your kiddos at home, find full instructions over here at Art Projects for Kids

(btw, Ty's is middle right. lol. in Korea they would call this "orbah" - konglish for "over", as in Over-the-Top!! ha) 


  1. Thats awesome Dee! Hey are you still keen to do a soapy swap?? I'd love one of your arty doodled pics? xo

  2. What amazing paintings ~ kids are so incredible ~ good teacher though. xx


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