Wednesday, May 18, 2011

kids art class #2

for my 4-6 year olds kids' art lesson today we did these 'Cool Hands, Warm Hearts' drawings.

concepts learnt and discussed were:
  • cool colours vs warm colours
  • tracing
  • following a pattern (ie, red-yellow-orange, red-yellow-orange)
  • drawing part-circles (that go off the edge of the paper)
  • and, surprisingly, drawing the circles right over the top of the hand outline was unnatural for them.  
it was fun and the mums were so encouraging.

(again this project was sourced from art projects for kids)


  1. Love it! I'm going to try it at home with Mr 4.5 this weekend :-)

  2. What a fantastic idea! Love it! I'd love to go to your art class :)

  3. So so cool. Your ideas rule! Wish I could climb into your brain sometimes hehe


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