Friday, May 6, 2011

Made my Week #17

let's start with this moment:

a deserted deck bunny to yesterday's half-eaten, ant-covered apple in 30 seconds flat :)

then there were these:
::warm, just-from-bed bodies::
::blonde heads bent low together with mischievious faces and plotting giggles::
::vibrant green grass in was-rainy, now-sunny evening light::
::a hip-riding babe with toes tucked in tight::

what moments made your week?


  1. Beautiful moments. Loved imagining them all through your eyes. My best moment was seeing Mr 4.5 performing Maori songs at his daycare boilup. Loved how he kept sneaking looks at me to make sure I was watching him. :-)

  2. What beautiful light in your pics. My highlight of the week, watching Charlie at his first football practice and seeing Oscar trying to copy him. Have a great weekend Dee. J.x


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