Friday, May 20, 2011

Made my Week #19

(we skipped a week last week cos of blogger's lil tanty.)
so here are some visual and audio snippets of my fave moments in the last couple of weeks:

JR had showed the kids how to do this at breakfast time and that evening i found Danny having a sneaky practice (umm, competitive?)

Ty has provided some much-needed humour this week at his swimming lessons*. oh man, i wished i'd filmed him using a flutterboard on his back...! i had tears streaming down my face.
anyhow, this is him learning breaststroke (it's his legs that give me the giggles):

a few weeks ago the kids were introduced to the wondrous world of the great iPAD at a friend's house. on wednesday Jada was given a gel notebook, which Ty quickly declared to be an "ipad". his imagination is unrivaled: 

after sitting there for almost 2 hours straight - no kidding!- pretending to play games (and periodically checking his emails), he finally announced, I'm sick of playing on the ipad!

ha! who needs an $800 ipad 2 anyway? pfft~


* twice a term our (school-aged) kids do week-long block courses of swimming lessons for - get this! - $12.50!!! that's $12.50 for five days in a row of 45 minute lessons with only 2-3 other kids in the group! nice... i heart homeschooling! :)


  1. hehehe! Loving the 'ipretend'! We have a few of those areound our place!

  2. Love the ipretend, but my favourite is the spoon balancing... SOOO cute!

  3. Lovely videos - those feet are cute - kind of like he's doing breaststroke but with the legs not the arms! Those swimming lessons are RIDICULOUS value - you don't wanna know how much we're paying for just one term through a swim school here in Welly - sigh....but they are very good lessons and what price do you put on an essential skill...although a bit RICH coming from me - a complete failure in the swimming department despite lots of lessons LOL!

    Great imagination indeed re the ipretend !!!!

  4. Oh yay, i'm your 100 follower & a fellow mummy of 4, pleased to meet you. Love anyone who refers themselves as a milk maker, oh yes, snap. Love Posie

  5. These videos pretty much made my day. Especially the swimming, Aesop is having lessons at the moment and I spend the whole time either cracking up, or cringing REALLY hard.
    Unfortunately we pay close to that per half hour lesson.. bummmmmmer.
    Your kids are so lovely, wonder where they could possibly get that from? heh.


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