Monday, May 2, 2011

Make my Week #17 - (more) boy dolls

for prem baby, born at 27 weeks.
snap domes open for a little love note pocket.
(i added freckles before sending to young-him-down a bit)

a race-car driver doll for, well, Liam. obviously ;)his zip opens for a pocket for love notes, tooth fairy $$, etc

i had made something else i really wanted to show you but my camera would have had a hernia trying to produce a decent photo in today's dreary conditions. show soon though k?


  1. cool Dee! I agree with Flower, and love that you are adding the little pockets! Cute!

  2. love them! I want more Dee dolls! <3

  3. Your dolls are sooo cute...I love the little pocket too.

  4. WOW the little domes down the front of the shirt are super dooper cute. As is is the gold super hero. SO cute!


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