Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make my Week #18 - RE-restyle

remember this restyle?
(and how i said i knew i'd never wear it? well, (finally) i'm getting to know myself pretty well. i was right, i never wore it.)

feb restyle

and so, on the eve of Easter Sunday I re-restyled it into a dress for Jada:

I kept the scalloped collar and tried -really hard - to do a bodice out of the stripe but that fabric was determined to float everywhere and the stripes were much too unforgiving of such floaty behaviour!

her Poppa especially loved it, so that was nice.


  1. I especially love it! It's so pretty on her! Great re-re-style!

    Talia Christine

  2. Great job! It looks gorgeous! :)

  3. I would of so worn that :)...it does look gorgeous on your girl though, great job!

  4. Gorgeous! You're so lucky to have a girl amongst all that boyishness. can't help but be a little jealous ;o) xx

  5. Super cute! What's funny is that it looked young and sweet-little- girlish on you, but it looks sophisticated and grown up on Jada.
    Beautiful either way.


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