Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make my Week #19 - Cowgirl Dolls

so this is some of what i have been working on last week:

cowgirl dolls!

and the boots:

to be honest, they don't get any Fair Play awards for being nice to make BUT i now have a pattern (and a plan!) if anyone ever orders one in the future. phew!

in fact, why don't i make patterns for all my dolls...it'd be so much easier...


  1. CUTE! love the jeans and the checkered shirts! x

  2. They are gorgeous!! And you much make patterns!! They'll save you time/sanity in the future xoxo

  3. are these for sale? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  4. Love them Dee. Loving the plaits and those boots are delightful- love working with leather. Must catch up. Cx

  5. Do you make the dolls for sale of the pattern? Love em!! Good job!!


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