Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on my mind

1. i really want to pull this window seat out and put a pair of chairs here with a little table in between them. the perfect spot to sip a cuppa and look OUT at the view (currently anyone who sits here has their back to the view). I shared my idea with JR and he said, "but where will you put the laundry?". ha. (ever so practical.../sigh)

2. i am terrible at maintaining friendships. always have been. i don't have the usual gaggle of super-close female friends most women have. never have. (not sure what this means, but there you are)

3. have been thinking a lot about the blessing of siblings lately. and feel especially sad that a lot of couples umm and ahh so much over having another child after only having 2.

4. i prefer to bury my head in the sand instead of facing reality. ie, check blogs at 5pm instead of making dinner, or create/sew/paint something to forget about people/work/life drama. maybe that just means i'm an addict. or a comfort-crafter at least.

5. i have yellow mustard tights and am too scared to wear them out in public. but i am seriously in LOVE with them.

6. i am dreaming of particiapting in a popular local annual market. there would be no real purpose or benefit besides the experience.

7. i am also dreaming of hosting a workshop. i'd have no idea what to teach, but i think i'd really like to. 

8. i think a rodent has died in between the floor levels. in the spare room. yuk!! it's a wait-it-out job cos nothing is fitting in there to get it out.

so, yeah.


  1. hmmmm I got my feathers up about the sibling thingiee with my mother in law the other day...(mother of the "perfect pigeon pair") while discussing one of our child's behavioural problems she has constantly (FOR YEARS) eluded to the cause of it being it was because I had more children after him. Finally I snapped (voice kind of quivered) that siblings only enrich life not curse it. argh! they were always the ones I was most scared of having to tell them we were having yet ANOTHER child.
    ok sorry
    obvious sore spot
    rant over

    I would totally hang with you

  2. 1. I love window seats but I agree that it would be lovely to look out at your BEAUTIFUL veiw.
    2. same. I have 2 or 3 super close friends, but they aren't really close with each other, you know?
    3. siblings are awesome. I wish I had more than one.
    4. same
    5. same... do we have the same brain? (i'm thinking I need a navy skirt to wear them with).
    6. DO IT. (I mean if you have the energy for all those dolls)
    7. I'll come!
    8. ewww.


  3. 1. Do it!
    2. I would hang with you too! Motherhood seems to be a pretty isolating experience friendship-wise... It was much easier when there was school/uni/work organising my social life for me...
    3. Widge! Go you for saying something to her!!! I have a personal grievance whenever someone 'hopes' I have a boy next time 'so that you don't have to have any more.' There are so many things that annoy me about this statement!!!! A) I don't think that 'one boy one girl' makes the perfect family. B) As if that would EVER stop me from having more. C) I wanna have a HUGE family, and feel really sorry for people who have only one (or no) siblings... And I just get annoyed that they would say such a silly thing... In a perfect world, I would have a whole bunch of lovely girls (sisters are ace), and maybe a boy or two as well...
    4. Same. Housework schmousework.
    5. Wear them! Wear them with pride!
    6. I think there would be many more benefits to joining that market - you would def make some moolah, and you would be able to meet lots of other crafty folk and make some cool connections. Might come in handy later on... And just get seen by lots more people!
    7. Workshop = awesome idea!
    8. Boo.

  4. Can you put cushions on that ends of that window seat, Thai styles, so that you it encourages sitting up on it sideways? You know, the pyramidish ones? The washing can stay - extra padding. ;)


  5. I feel like your twin with just about everything you mentioned... except the mustard tights part and dead rodent.

  6. 1. We have a window seat. It's filled with plants,a dog bed and the kids warm their beeswax modeling clay there. If I had your view I'd rip it out and put in a sweet sitting area. You could slide a basket under the table for laundry and fold it while sipping and staring out the window.
    2.I don't have the usual gaggle of super-close female friends most women have either. I never have. Yet, I'm under the delusion that I do okay maintaining the few friends I have. But if I were any good at being a friend wouldn't I have more??? And wouldn't the friendships last longer? Since becoming a mum I have a carcass filled path of friendships gone wrong (or just gone).
    3. We are one of those couples with two, but fulfilled and thrilled with two. I only had a sister growing up until much later I had half and step siblings which may have something to do with my stopping at 2.I would have never just had one, but my experience with many wasn't good, but they weren't all blood.
    4.Reality can be wonderfully denied (or at least postponed) by hiding in a good book or craft project.
    5.I stopped trying to kid myself and got rid of my equivalent to your mustard tights, but I can hypercritically say "Go for it!".
    6.It sounds empowering. Maybe I'll do one here in the states and we can share notes on the experience.
    7.I'll wait to see more of your thoughts on this. I sometimes host "learning" days for our preschool homeschool group and I find that intimidating. I don't think I could handle the pressure of an adult audience.
    8.I've seen photos and it seems like your husband is handy. Couldn't he cut a hole in the floor and get it out? I bet the kids would love a firefighter's pole to get downstairs:0)
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have Kermet green tights that feel the same as your mustard ones! I'd love to come along to a workshop though, I'll even fold ya washing!

  8. 1. Yup, get rid of it. Put in your chairs and table. The washing will find another home, somewhere.
    2. Okay at maintaining them but I don't have the superclose wee group. I wish I did. Really. I sorta do virtually I guess... (or I'd like to think so!)
    3. Hrrrm. Let me get back to you once we get to two!
    4. Yeah same.
    5. Do it!
    6. Do IT!
    7. DO IT DO IT!!
    8. Eww. I have a supersensitive nose to that gassy rodent smell and it bugs the heck outta me :( I feel your pain.

    Great post!! x

  9. Like the bullet point idea so am going to do the same:
    1. I agree re window seat - only used ours for washing too. Loved the idea of it but it never worked in reality.
    2 & 6 & 7: would doing 6 & 7 help with 2. I also think that as we grow older we all grow apart from our best friends a little. I think a little to do with having a husband as a best friend. I had the best night a little while ago with a bunch of girls (women) that I only slightly knew so goes to show that we don't necessarily need those bosum buddies to have a good time. (hmmm a little long winded there sorry).
    3. I totally admire you for having more than 2 children. I would love to but am not brave enough or maybe (if I'm honest) I know I wouldn't cope with anymore!
    4. Me too! I was thinking along the same lines this morning when I was doing 2 hours of full on housework that was loooong overdue.
    5. I can't talk, but go for it.
    8. Nothing worse than a dead rodent in your ceiling, except maybe the sound of a life one scurrying around!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Love you. And think you're super cool. Just sayin' x


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