Tuesday, May 31, 2011

party week: dee.i.y - fringe necklace

you'll need:
* an old t-shirt (i used a kids' size 3)
* scissors
* beads (optional)

 above the hem line, cut from one side seam all the way around back to where you began. this longer piece will be the piece you tie around your neck.

 tapering up to the neckline, cut the front and back portion out of your tee. fold in half and cut in about 1 inch strips.

 pull firmly on each strip to make them into nice 'fringes'. lay them from biggest to smallest and starting from the centre with your longer fringes, firmly loop each one over your initial piece (you will have a seam you will need to cover in the centre)

(optional: let your son practice his Blue Steel-with-facial-hair look?!)

thread some beads randomly and you're done!

inspired by this oldy-but-a-goody + this

lovin party week~~ :)


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