Monday, May 30, 2011

party week: giveaway #1

this week i'm celebrating by finally being brave and wearing my mustard tights i've had for about 2 months now.

 hurrah! i LOVE them!
...and by the end of this week you'll wish you owned a pair too!! haha.
(either that, or you'll be sick of seeing mustard-coloured tights ;) )

anyway, i'm gonna get this party started by giving one of you lovely readers a little thank you gift:


i saw these cute mary-janes on pinterest and had to paint them. so, up for grabs is one (unframed) 12cm x 12cm ink & watercolour painting.

if you're a follower and this painting makes you go nawwwww~ then comment below telling me what fashion trend you secretly adore but would never be brave enough to wear!

yay, party week!


  1. CUTE! This would look great in my Girls room (due in September!!)

    When I first met my husband I was wearing purple tights and he told me I looked crazy in them - i've never worn any crazy coloured tights since but I SO want to!! I have warned him that one day I will again

  2. ... and happy party week! YAY!

  3. you're rocking those tights!

  4. The tights look awesome Dee!! And the painting, perfection! Not exactly a 'trend', but I love the outfits on 'here's looking at you kid,' though I would never be brave enough to wear half of them... I wish I had a teensy bit more fashion courage...

  5. Probably coloured tights! I'm just not that brave. I bought green ones but I've never worn them :(. Happy party week.

  6. Hey Dee! ~ so glad to see you in those tights! They look great! I LOVE your painting too, it would look super fabulous in 'you-know-who's' room. My trend would have to be wiggle skirts/pencil skirts. Some of them are just SO gorgeous, but sadly I just don't have wiggle skirt kinda hips. You win some you loose some. (as a side note, I totally agree with Stell about 'here's looking at me kid' - she manages to rock nana style like no one else!) x

  7. AAAH! AT LAST! And they look GREAT on you so I don't know what you were worried about?!
    My trend would have to be Tattoo's (if you could call them a trend?). I LOVE them and would love to get one, but there's the pain and the fact that it'll go all wrinkly and ugly when I'm 80.....

    Love the painting. I need to get my watercolours out, it's been too long.

  8. I could never rock the super high shoes that seem to be all the rage at the moment, even though some of them are really amazing. (like these ones..
    I love the wee picture, it makes me wish I was a little better at painting.

  9. Your pins are Smokin!!
    I'm too scared to wear tights full stop. My legs look like really bad sausages. I'd love to wear one of those old man type tweed hats but don't have the guts

  10. Love your tights - you wear them perfectly! :)
    I love harem pants but I'm afraid my figure does not :(
    Your painting is gorgeous x

  11. Pink with frills and pearls (that's all together!) Farmers daughter, so tomboy at heart, love the look, love the idea, but would have no show of pulling it off! God has also blessed me with two boys so don't get to dress my wee girl in them either! One day - all good things take time! :)

  12. It's wrong for me to enter, I know. Still can't help myself, that's so darling!

    I want to wear geek glasses.
    I've ordered some that are close to "the" ones.
    And I'm afraid I still won't wear 'em.

  13. Yes please please, Mine would be my semi see-through pink paisley silk Indian poo pants. What a mouth full?

  14. Love the shoes. I almost always have a similar pair for both my daughter and me.

    I like maxi dresses (are they last season now) but they don't look right as I'm short and cuddly.

    Funny how we are all different. I love my rainbow knee highs.

  15. I totally want mustard tights now! Ah! So good!

  16. Tights. But with these chunky legs (and oh so lumpy varicose veins????) - it aint a happening thing. But I will try and be glad that it's so happening for you!! xxxx

  17. Where did you get your tights?!
    I can never find ones that are tight enough on me and they don't have very many colors where I look.


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