Monday, May 16, 2011

postponement (again!)

this week is crazy busy. and i'm gonna have to postpone Make my Week until tomorrow again :(
BUT! i'll show you some cowgirl dolls (with real leather boots!!) i've made so hopefully it'll be worth the wait?

(gold stickers to anyone who recognises the babe above x)


  1. Is that Ivy of Striking Keys? Gorgeous portrait...

  2. I love how you distract us with prettiness. cute cute CUTE.

  3. Stella rules.

    Also, Dee - you're stupendous.

  4. I was totally thinking Ivy before I saw the comments!
    Thanks for my cool as mail yesterday. Actual LOVE it. And all the little enevlope notes is sooooooo something I would do haha
    Now to actually stop being a big fat meanie and send something to you...... !
    I mean it this time


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