Thursday, May 26, 2011



1. i was commissioned to make this rat by JR's dad. it is attached to a tape measure (the automatic retractable type) with a length of fishing nylon. looks kinda realistic huh? he intends to give to his granddaughter so she can scare JR's mum with it!! classic, he's a total crack up. 
(and yes - shame - there is a used nappy loitering on my floor)

2. mmkay, so there i was all set to do something fabulous to celebrate 100 followers, and it's back to 99. *twiddles fingers*  it's gone like this: 98-99-98-99-100-99...teasers!

3. i'm a woose when the kids are sick. neurons in my brain stop firing and i can't concentrate on anything. it doesn't get better with a)no. of kids or b)length of time being a parent.

4. in other big news, i am officially hosting a doll-making workshop next month for a handful of my mum's crafty peeps. totally freaking out (but faking professionalism of course). i would LOVE any tips from anyone who has run, or attended, a workshop. what are the rules? do's/don'ts? pros/cons?


  1. Very clever and cute. You shouldn't have mentioned that nappy. I hadn't noticed it but reread the post and went back to watch again!

  2. haha, that's so cool! You guys could sell them!

  3. Lol bout the nappy! hehehehehe

  4. I wouldn't of noticed the nappy either! Maybe because there's usually a nappy on the floor somewhere in our house too!
    I love the rat, and love love the fact you're going to do a craft class. Please do let us know when/if you do one that we can attend : )


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