Thursday, May 5, 2011

wahine in watercolour

 does anyone remember - or have - one of these dolls?
this is my one (from my mum I think?) and was actually faring quite well until i let my baby daughter play with it a few years back. now she looks like a hare-krishna Maori doll... :(

but! today good fortune knocked at her door and she received an extreme makeover, restoring her to her former 1950s glory:

I'm dreaming of a whole set of these... :)

(help, how do i make feathers look more like feathers and less like leaves??)


  1. Yes I have one! One of my sisters found it at an op-shop and bought it for my girls. I took a picture for you and uploaded to my blog (Snapshots page) at this link

  2. haha! hari krishna doll! (I'm sure its no laughing matter though..). For feathers (my dad carves them quite often) it's all about not have smooth edges. It's hard to explain in words, but if you think of the shape of traditional castle turrets and sort of adapt that to the edges of at least the base of the feather it should help. And give it a rounded tip... That prob doesn't help at all, sorry! Wish you could see what I mean, it's all there in my head...

    Love the painting! Tres cute!

  3. Oh yes I remember those dolls..they bring back many memories :)

  4. Oh she's CUTE! I had one similar (but not quite as cute) and did the same - cut all her hair off, I remember my mum being close to tears when I showed her and now I understand why...!
    Thanks also for your wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement on my blog yesterday - it's so good to hear that how I'm feeling is all quite normal and I'm not losing the plot! You are lovely xx


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