Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i was working on something a little different today and it was so refreshing!

so, after rolling this around and around in my head, and bouncing it off other respected heads, i've come to this decision:
  • i'm going to take a break from custom ordered dolls for the second half of this year. as a deterrent, the price will go up :( 
  • instead, i'm hoping to concentrate on some new patterns and designs that i'm really bursting to try out but just haven't had the chance.
  • also, i really think i want to do a market...which means stockpiling!
  • BUT, i will still sell dolls as i make them - (which will be at regular price not custom price, bonus!)



  1. Ooooooh! Totally get where you are coming from Dee! Sounds like a good decision for you and yours x

  2. Coolness, nothing like fresh meat!

  3. freak-ing CUTE! It came out so well! and good on you on the decisions, custom orders can be a real downer when they get on top of you (and much of the reason I lack the REAL motivation to get into sewing to sell again!). xx

  4. Great decision! I think it's TOTALLY reasonable to charge extra for custom orders anyway, given the extra hassle they bring... And it's so nice to have some time to just do the projects you want to do, in fact, it's necessary!

  5. Fantastic idea! I've been feeling so tired of making the same old same old for orders and never really having time to dream up new inspiration - and also would love to have the chance to stockpile! Go for it - inspiring!!


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