Monday, June 20, 2011

make my week #24 - custom pirate dolls

i was approached by a dentist in Savannah, Georgia to make some large boy and girl pirate dolls to match the branding for her pediatric dental clinic (check out the website, it's totally cute!)

this is the crow's nest in the clinic where the guy pirate is going to sit:

(how cool is that??!!)

the pirate guy above was a practice run...and turned out about 10cm too small still!! so i redrew the pattern and now have almost finished an even bigger mr and mrs pirate.

(check out the size of mrs pirate's legs!!)

ps i have my workshop tomorrow. kina starting to freak out...!


  1. Love the pirate doll and what an amazing home he's going to have!!!
    Good luck with your workshop, have every faith that you'll do amazingly.

  2. Those legs are massive... like massive 'where's wally' legs! hehe. Love your pirate guy and totally love the idea of a pirate themed dental clinic!!

  3. Dee he is just adorable and how amazing that he gets a home so far away :)


  4. That pirate doll is practically perfect in every way. Like Mary Poppins. Is he for sale?

  5. I would enjoy the dentist so much more if his office was pirate themed.
    I seriously can't wait to see the finished pirates, or the photos from the workshop.
    I feel like every comment I make on your blog pretty much says the same thing 'YOU ARE AMAAAAZZZING'. One of my main goals in my life at the moment is to be more like you. That sounds a little creepy, but it is true.

  6. Good luck with your workshop tomorrow, hope it goes really really well. I am totally loving your blog at the moment. Total inspiration. Congrats to on the Mr and Mrs Pirate job. They are goig to be fabulous.

  7. I'm in Savannah! And I have three pirate loving boys! And I need a dentist!

  8. Do you make smaller custom dolls? What do those start at?

  9. Hi, I am wanting to make a pirate doll for my 13 year old special needs nephew. He just LOVES pirates. Do you happen to sell the pattern for a pirate doll as I think yours would be perfect.


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