Thursday, June 16, 2011

on my mind

1. a loyal supporter gave me the heads up that there are what seem to be copycat boy dolls being sold at The Dowse in Upper Hutt. (if anyone is going there for Craft 2.0, sneak me a pic eh? ta)

2. i just recovered a stool instead of doing one of the million things are actually ON my list.

3. i really really want to have a table in the December Auckland Art & Craft Fair with my mum. reckon they'd let us country girls in?

4. there are only 5 more sleeps until my doll-making workshop (that's taking up at least half of the million-things-to-do list)

5. here is Monte reading (remembering) Hop on Pop:


  1. I love hop on pop and that's not cool if someone is copying your stuff. :(

  2. 1. oh no :o(
    2. I would've done the same! (will you show us the stool??)
    3. go you!! I hope you get in. I really want to go to the next one.
    4. is it ust me or did the last couple of weeks go by really fast? I'm sure you only announced you were going to be doing this only yesterday...
    5. CUTE!!! Finley does the same with the 3 bears at the moment. it's actually driving me a little insane (because it's about 10 time a day...).

  3. hehe he sounds american when he says 'house' hehe. cute!

    you SHOULD have a table and then I can come and buy something, I'll have to look around for the next few months for an ENTIRE mustard coloured ensemble to wear to officially meeting you....


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