Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pin Real Life

i've decided to make it a regular personal challenge to replace wishful thinking with reality.
because, by it's very nature, inspiration cannot remain passive - it must be acted upon. and besides, wishful thinking only creates a nice cosy spot for Envy and Discontentment to settle down and strangle the gratitude in your heart.

and so, the pinspiration:

i found this lonely (lovely) lambswool covered stool for $3 last week:

and although i had a list as formidable as Everest, i procrastinated (can anyone say 'denial'?!) and made a dottie angel inspired cover for my new stool instead.

i'm pretty useless at the whole mismatching on purpose thing. it's not natural for me, but i tried and i keep wanting to look over at my new stool all the time so i think i did ok.

want to join in the challenge?
here's how: add your real life pins to the flickr photo group
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Pin Real LIfe
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i'd love to see you "Pin Real Life" x


  1. I had one of those sheepskin covered stools as a kid and completely forgot about it until just now! actually, I wonder if my mum still has it amongst the pile of my junk she has stored....

  2. Oh you are awesome (even the fact that you avoided you massive list makes you super cool)!!

    Come and zhuzh my place up a bit will ya?

  3. Oh WOW! It looks awesome!

    And I totally agree with your idea of Pinning in real life....

    time for me to take up the challenge :) instead of just drooling over the images on Pinterest.

  4. Oh I just LOVE that philosophy! Real Life here we come. I can spend hours on Pinterest but imagine if I spent some of those hours on actually creating beautiful things instead of just dreaming about them.

    You inspire me!

    New follower ALERT.


  5. My exams are officially over - so my real life pins will be posted by Monday! ( least one)

  6. I totally agree with you!

    Actually doing those things we fall in love with, it so much more satisfying than coveting them.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Off to look at my pinterest to see what I could do.

    (I did the bubble snake thing on my pinterest and it was such a hit! Probably did it a YEAR after I blogged about it on my "5 Great Finds" *blush*)

  7. Love it and love the concept - I am joining in for sure!! Thankyou for inspiring me again, this time to be more "real" :)

  8. I love this - do I recognise some of the fabric?? I SO love this idea of real-life pinning. So cool. You have great ideas.

  9. I do love the idea of keeping it real :)

    Your new covered stool is awesome!!


  10. a: totally jealous that you found that stool for $3 - I've been looking for one for sooooo long.
    b: love it!
    c: still jealous

  11. OH I LOVE IT!!!
    You're a clever lady xx

  12. Love it! I'm stuck in a procrastination rut at the moment, so good on you for actually doing it. Love the wood floor initiative too, I was fooled. Sarah

  13. Hope you don't mind I just quoted you on my blog and linked back - I LOVE this concept and am keen to spread the word :)

  14. Thanks for the inspiration. I've got a couple of Dottie Angel cushions in progress now.

  15. It looks great and good for you for making it a point to do these things. I should follow your example!

  16. Hi Dee,
    I love this - I had actually wondered about how many of the ideas we pin actually come to life.
    I just added you button to my page, because it fits there perfectly - I had planned to post my wrecked pins today, anyway :)

  17. Love your idea and it's so easy to pin and leave it to that! I really like your version of stool cover "c'est tres jolie! here are my "pin real life"

  18. I love this idea. I've made my own version of several pins now and I'm throwing a baby shower in a few weeks that is basically ALL pins! I can't wait to blog the whole thing.

  19. I agree! I wrote a post on being a Pinographer on my blog, because it was so easy to let that coveting spirit take over! NO MAS! :)

  20. Its perfect Dee! That Dottie Angel sure is inspirational.


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