Thursday, June 23, 2011

slick ricks

a cold, dark, rainy day at home = boys with oiled hair.
how IS it that big kids get cradle crap cap?? (or are mine the only ones?!)
what do you do to prevent it, or get rid of it? it grosses me out so much. i hate thinking their scalp can't breathe.
anyway, looking forward to some nice shiny pink scalps again this afternoon :)

(fantastically inspiring stuff today, i tell ya! x)


  1. hehe - they are so cute (cradle cap and all).

    My mother always recommeneded making a paste with baking soda and water, rubbing it into their scalps and rinsing off. Repeat daily until it's all gone. Worked wonders for my kids!

  2. Yep baking soda...& no your not the only one! lol xxxx

  3. Hi Dee.... it is something my kids had for years and years and I have found no way to prevent it BUT oiling their hair and running a nit comb through it has worked wonders... doesnt seem to be there on my big ones any more.... by the way thanks for the encouragement yesterday, it was inspiring and so true. Thanks for the honesty. x0x luv ya.. Kate

  4. This is timely as our little one has started to get it too.

    Your little one is the image of your :)


  5. Finley still gets it too. I think it's maybe because we just don't bother to brush boys hair?? who knows, but I can't wait til it's digusting self goes away!

  6. Ivy had it baaaaaaaaaaaad...and an elderly woman I was visiting asked what it was and then said she'd never heard of it. The person I was visiting her with concurred - it was apparently rare and we were unusual.

    Esky didn't show any sign of it until she was almost 2. I did half Head'n'Shoulders, half baby shampoo for two washes on Eskyand it was gone immediately...if I'd known about the baking soda tricksies I would have done that though - thanks team! Good to know, because I wouldn't do the dandruff shampoo on a little'un. Although they share similar active ingredients - okay, one - sodium bicarbonate...zinc's extra. ANYWAY - I'd normally opt for something more natural, but I have that brand on hand for us - because Haki nor I can't go two days without it. Well, we can, it's just flakey business.

  7. You are not alone! I have 3 girls and they have it too! It doesn't bother them though and can't be seen - only by me, up close, stroking their heads and wanting to scrape the darn stuff away to see their nice skin underneath! I once 'Googled' it and it causes no pain/damage etc. just unsightly.

    Like the suggestions from a few comments. Might go slick the girls up with some oil!

    Sarah x

  8. Mine didnt get it as babies but my eldest had it from toddlerhood till he was about 9! My sister who works as a barber gave me some incrediable stuff that I only used twice and it cleared away. Will ask her what it was for you

  9. Ah yes, both mine have it too. I shall be attmepting the baking soda, methinks. I did once try the oil (with rock salt, as apparently that would act like a sort of exfoliant, it just made me ungry for roasties..) but yeah, it wasn't a sucess.

  10. Wow, great advice on here huh Dee. I'm gonna give the baking soda one a go - Mr. 21 months has it quite bad and cos he has a mop of hair on top it goes unnoticed mostly but I still know it's there and it annoys the little fidgety fingers of mine that want to pick at it!!!!


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