Wednesday, July 13, 2011

boys in tights

i used to think that tights/leggings were only for little girls. until i saw Janelle and Kristin's little boys wearing tights. i bought Danny his first pair one year ago and they have been my first choice for his growing legs ever since.

with it being wet outside, i am finding i need lots of changes (and because Squidgyums isn't currently in business) i've been making my own skinny pants out of old t shirts:

if there is a logo or image, i put it on the butt :)

MUCH cuter than baggy trackies or stiff denims, no?
and only take about 20-30 mins to make.

the gorgeous tops were made by Kristin (please go and beg her to start sewing kids' clothes for Squidgyums again!!)

(thanks so much Kristin x)


  1. Yep = boys in tights rule! Practical AND comfortable for little movers. In hindsight, I wish I'd made that jacket longer... not going to fit for long! (also good to see you got that chunder washed out ok... haha!!)

    I am thinking of getting back on the wagon... xx

  2. I am another who thinks that boys in tights rock...all four of ours wore them.
    These ones are totally cute...and you made them, even better!! Care to share how? :)


  3. Babies and toddlers should be in comfy, stretchy clothes at all times. Hence, I'm a lover of leggings on cute little legs. As for the tops - adorable! x

  4. Too cute!!! Need to make an adult version!

  5. All I wana know is...'Is danny climbing out the window?'

  6. Wow! I have 3 girls and one boy, I only make clothes for the girls, but you have now inspired me to try to make some things for my little man. Ok I have SEARCHED your blog to see if there is a tutorial somewhere for that adorable mustard cardigan you made. I'm glad I did because I found out how awesome you are!! But I would LOVE some more info on what you did. It wouldn't even have to be a tutorial just a few specifics. Pleeeeeeease???? It's all over pinterest you know :) You are a HUGE hit!! ;)


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