Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dee is...

it's true.

we are kin. except he does that smouldering eyes thing way better.
((i'm wondering if the above pic counts as a Real Life Pin?? ha!))

and i also realised this morning that if anyone hears of Brooke Shields looking out for her eyebrows, i've got them too.
(a beauty hazard of now having a long fringe and not really ever seeing your eyebrows as often) 

i DO love that my workshop ladies funded some GHDs for me though. this was taken half an hour after jonny called:

{i heard that collective exhale you know...}


  1. hahaha Dee - totally loving this. Your hair would have been at it's peak of fashion in the 80's! Totally envy your fringe - so wish I could do one!!

  2. I don't mean to be rude, but I really did laugh at your hair BEFORE!! So that's what good hair straighteners do!!! Amazing :)

  3. Hilarious post! And so excited that you got some GHDs! My lil ole Remingtons just doesn't cut it compared to the real thing...

  4. Love this! Nice to see a sense of humor on blogger ;)

  5. Classic....and a trip down memory lane :)

  6. Baa hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. sexy!!!!! thats cute!!:) love the hair ! if my 4 year old saw it she would say "mum look that lady has a dunny brush hairstyle:)" hehehe funny !

  8. LOl can you get his autograph then? My hair goes just like yours if not put into order but I am envious of your fringe I have super cowlicks on my forehead.

  9. This is my favourite blog post in a long, long time. You are hilarious.
    Also - that last picture makes me want GHDs so darn bad. it's like the before and after on an infomercial!


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