Saturday, July 30, 2011

gettin my farm on

this week has been a week i'm giddy-pleased to be at the end of and yet, deeply grateful for.

{watching the neighbour's sheep with her new yellow twin lambs}

the three oldest kiddos left this afternoon to spend a couple of nights at my mum's.
it's just me, JR and the babe! *twiddles fingers*

oh, and - as of 20 minutes ago - this guy:

and because the kiddos aren't here, i get naming rights.
"mr muddy-knees"
( too much of a mouthful??)

so if you'll excuse me i need to go get my farm on...
like, 6 feeds a day!
(and no kids to do it for me!!)


  1. I think that might be the cutest lamb ever!!

  2. Ah! You live in such a wonderful part of the country! How awesome for your kids to grow up around such beauty. We had lambs when I was a kid too - the only ones we named were two twins, "tyler" and "maddison".

  3. Oh Mr Muddy Knees is beautiful, look at that face, he looks SO happy. I do love the pants your little one is sporting, super cute!! I'm down to only 2 children tonight too, love a good sleep over, at a farm too, they'll be exhausted when they come home after all that horse riding. Off to deliver them now & pick up my eldest, so for a few minutes, it will just be me & my baby (who is 7) but he likes our moments together. Love Posie

  4. AAAhhh!! Cuteness on four spindly, muddy legs! I want newbie lamb cuddles. glad to hear that horrible bug has departed finally too??? xxx

  5. You rock that farm look! Cx

  6. Oh Mr MK is adorable and I do like those tights your babe is sporting :)


  7. Wondering how I could 'borrow' a lamb and bring it to suburbia for a wee while - just so my kids can experience it !! !! We have chickens - BUT - just imagine a wee lamb - can you pop Mr Muddy Knees on the courier down to Auckland - just for a week ::))

  8. Cute! My Dad had a lamb as a kid called "mint sauce" ... perhaps not a name I'd recommend. Mr Muddy Knees is cute or perhaps "4 ply"?


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