Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jada draws...with speech bubbles

Ro enters the ball and confidently declares her identity.

some, disinterested, continue to chow down the hors d'oeuvres while others are, quite simply, rather starstruck.

to which Ro (Row) insists again that she truly is who she says she is.


a boy comes across two girls playing tennis. innocently (not realising the trouble he is about to cause), he asks, who's winning?

player 1 replies, me.
(because i'm ambidextrous - see the ease with which i switch my racquet from left to right, to left...)

player 2 is so offended her racquet warps from the very force of her disagreement.
oh, it's on now...!!

happy wednesday!


  1. hahaaah!! I just almost pee'd my pants. brilliant commentary!

  2. love this! can't wait to get some stories from my girl!! x

  3. Row is sheer brilliance. These remind me so much of my own drawings as a kid. Hahaha love.


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