Saturday, July 9, 2011

just to be clear...

  • the comment i referred to on yesterday's post DID NOT offend me. at all. i was merely surprised and taken aback that that may be how i am percieved here on this blog. the commenter actually wrote a really sweet comment - so sweet, in fact, i was too embarrassed to include all of it for everyone to see.
  • i don't necessarily think that those who 'have something to show' for their time are using it more effectively than those who choose to spend their time preparing hearts and lives for eternity. the latter is an infinitely (ha!) better use of time.
  • i don't necessarily think that having 4 kids at home all day is more work than having one young toddler so don't let that impress you too much! siblings play with each other so in many ways it's much less work.
  • i do have a lot of 'Time Opportunities" - 5-15 minute slots throughout the day. this all adds up to a lot of time and is usually how i start/complete anything.
  • i sometimes dream of sending kids off to school/daycare and having all day to myself. BUT i know myself well enough by now that i would actually get less done in that kind of situation - because i'd faff around all day thinking i had all the time in the world! haha...(anyone else??) 
that is all :)

(i'm tossing up whether to show you a picture of my hair today. would you believe it looks JUST like jon bon jovi's in the 80s? it does. maybe i'll show you a before/after shot when i've tamed it with my new ghds?!! maybe....)


  1. I still think you have an amazing way to make the most of our time and, ergo, your life. I do admire you for that. And envy you a little. And for not whining and whining publicly, even if some days may not be as rosy as your body of work and what you show us here.

    It's a gift, something you perhaps learned in your upbringing, or something you picked up somewhere on the way. Don't make excuses, don't apologize, but keep leading the way in your own, low-keyed way. (Another thing I love about your perceived life.) Don't change one bit.

  2. I know for a fact that sending kids off to daycare doesn't equate to productivity... or my house would be a whole lot cleaner! (one of the reasons I'm so keen to take the boys out of their current arrangement.)

  3. u didnt come off as being offended or anything in the previous blog. i often admire your creations and adventures and i actually think the more kids u have the more motivated u get to use your time well... ;)

  4. Awesome!!!! I'd love to see the hair!

  5. Yay, as a fellow mummy of 4, i can assure you, i have WAY less time on my hands since they started school!! All that running around, P&C & volunteer stuff, oh to have 4 under 5 at home again, that was truly bliss & very time efficient.
    I didn't do daycare either, wanted to raise my children myself, just a couple of days of preschool each for a couple of years each, that was fantastic as each time it left me with little ones or the last one, just us for a few hours each day, it was like having one all over again, only so much better!! Love Posie


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