Friday, July 8, 2011

made my week #26 - time!

i love your comments. i really do.
they inspire, encourage, challenge and humble me.
once in awhile they stump me. like this one: 

 was reading your blog and i was speechless as u have soo much time love to have that.

???!! me? time?
sand there i was, stumped. completely.

these four children and their schooling and their moulding and their shaping and their feeding(!) loudly and heavily demand on my time. some days i can barely breathe for awareness of the (lack of) Time i have to do all that is Unending and Insurmountable before a new days starts and i have to do it all over again.

but hurrying? that never creates more time. in my experience that ever only creates tension and regret. you?
and so, here i am, this year, finally learning that i don't need more time, i need enough time.
and stealing a whole bunch of moments just to be on the safe side:

* cousin sleep overs
* waking up to lullabies from a 19mo
* heavy rain on a high tin roof
* sharing a bed with a storm-frightened daughter
* little fingers sending heart-shaped signals through the window.
* being whipped in a memory game by a 3yo.

and this:

it turns out that coffee and toast in bed WAS too good to be true...
and reality was waiting for me downstairs!!! haha

so, no, despite how it may appear, i really don't have "soo much time" (i just don't do the housework as often as i should probably!) 
God gives me time. God gives me life. my Life Time. i am just trying to be a good steward with that gift. and somedays i 'get it' better than others :)

enjoy your time this weekend x


  1. Everyone has the same amount of time, it's whatchya do with it aye!
    Go nutella boy!!! Isn't that such a fun greasy mess to clean up!

  2. yup. 24 hours in each and every day. we all get the same time, it's how you use it right?! and yeah, let me tell you, those dishes can wait x

  3. I don't think that it's that you *have* so much ore time than the rest of us, more that you choose to spend your time differently than some (if not most) of us. typed as I sit in front of mindless television, heh. Also Danny is looking more your splitting image. I can't wait to see him in his new digs (hope they arrive soon! ~ posted today) xx

  4. a few of my friends say that to me when they see my crochet creations....i say "have u seen the state of my house??" not gonna stress myself out with a perfect house when i can steal a minute here and there for some craft therapy!!

  5. Clearly the commentor is unaware of your super powers.

  6. Oh gosh. Comments like that drive me bonkers. "If all of our lives were as cruisey as yours you would be blown away by the dolls we'd all sew!! We just have way too much on compared to you Dee. I wish I only had four children." ;) Backwards compliments and tall poppy syndrome, that's what it is. I have always admired the way you choose to make time for all the things you love. Well done you.
    p.s. photos are epic. Love.

  7. Great post and I can totally understand that every moment of your day is busy - but it sounds like you use your time very richly, wisely and appreciate it's value too. x

  8. hey dee,i hope you didn't take my comment wrong !
    i wanted to say how amazing your stuff is and how i would love to be so arty and do something like u do and enjoy it too ...your kids seem to enjoy lots of what u do as well which is so nice :)they will be come very arty too which is such a talent

    its seems that anything you make turns out well .
    i feel when i make things people say ooh nice but i look at it and i must underestimate myself and think its not good enough !
    have a nice weekend :)

  9. one of my friends says that to me all the time as well, but the funny thing is I wonder how she gets everything done.

    We just spend our time doing different things, our priorites are different, so what I spend my time doing looks like a "luxury" to her where as they might be my "nesesities". For me crafing, playing and making a mess with my daughter is important where as for her a well presented house is a high priority. It is all about choices


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