Monday, July 25, 2011

Make my Week #29 - making it tidy

besides 3 friendship bracelets (2 for Jada, 1 for Ty) i didn't make anything last week because of the tummy bug we all had (it raised its head again last night...nooooo~~~)
so instead i'm going to show you some organising i did in my 'sewing room' (i so desperately want to say "studio" but it'd really be too much of a stretch! ha.)

this is supposed to be where i sew.
that space on the table is assigned for my sewing machine.
BUT, everyone with kids knows that sewing can really only happen right in the very heart of a that's where my sewing machine pretty much lives at the moment.

i found this spice rack with jars awhile ago and painted it up.
i decided i'd start a little 'Notions Pantry' happening for all my sewing bits n pieces:

i hope your week was a little (a LOT) more productive than mine!
thanks to everyone who has introduced themselves over the last few days...some amazing women and blogs out there!


(does anyone else collect selvedges? or is that just me...?!)


  1. Oh wow I love your space! Soooo love it! The only person that I know who collects selvages (apart from you) is a lady who sews stuff from them - but can't for the life of me remember which blog that is!!??!!

  2. What on earth do you do with selvages?

    The spice rack idea is so brilliant - Dearly Dee blog has one for her nail polishes!

  3. Hi Dee!

    Yeah I'm intrigued... whats with the selvages? A lovely space - and I love the colour co-ordinated button jars.


  4. The spice rack is rocking! We had the same one growing up! only still original 'woo' colour. And YES I collect selvedges too. Hope the puku's feel better soon, nothing worse than a re-occuring tummy bug! xx

  5. That looks great. Inspired! Can't wait to set uip my space- might have to pick your brain for some ideas..or for executing some ideas. Love that spice rack. Hoping you are all well again soon. Cx

  6. OOh I like your space...loving the idea of a notions pantry, just what I need.
    My friend Kat collects selvedges :)

  7. *hands up* hi my name is Cat and I collect selvages :)
    and your sewing space is sooooo lovely and NOW I know why I don't get as much sewing done as I WANT to! My sewing machine is tucked away in my little Narnia and it needs to be in the HEART of the home so I can watch the kids and sew at the same time!

  8. wow the spice jars look awesome. I recently bought some old cream bottles and a milk bottle carrier from the op shop,to put my sewing bits and bobs in.
    Love that tray turned noticeboard too - cool idea!
    Im with PJ about the selvages, but also can't remember the blog name... I am happy to save my selvages and forward them to you if you want them :)

  9. It is nice to see where my little treasures are made!

  10. Oh I love your tray on the wall, I have one that I decoupaged with an old golden book that would be nice in my sewing space.

  11. Oh I love your tray on the wall, I have one that I decoupaged with an old golden book that would be nice in my sewing space.

  12. love the tray/magnet board on wall!![genius!] I've got a oldschool one thats got legs that pull out so you can have breakfast in bed - very handy! and I've just found a yummy one with ducks i'm hoping to put on the wall but will have to figure out some command strips device as alas renting - so have that wall hanging dilema.... love your style! not sure how you do all you do, but think you are a very remarkable lady :) ps I have a blog called homemaidwithlove.blogspot (not so very crafty) but would love you to have a peep if you have chance sometime x c


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