Thursday, July 21, 2011

number 4

remember those new mother days? all those wonderful intentions of how you're going to parent so remarkably perfectly?
how you'll ever only let your child play with the 'safe toys' while you prepare dinner?

yeah. well.

by the time you hit #4 some of those intentions get a lil hazy...

sorry Jada, you got the plastics drawer - your brother gets the scissors!!

all six of us have been wiped out - one by one - by a nasty tummy bug. it's been a lot of laundry, late night puke cleaning, sitting, DVD watching, etc...lots of Mama-Medal earning ;)
here's hoping it's exhausted its options here and leaves us alone now.



  1. This is funny.
    Number 4 will likely be better for it!

  2. this is good *yah*
    seriously some children start school not knowing how to use scissors .. .. ..
    sorry to hear about tummy virus - ;'( we had a week of being in isolation with suspected measles - sick kids in wet cold winter is no fun

  3. Oh - hope you're all better now, and no more puking :-(.

    Haha - I discovered VERY quickly (and I only have 1 child still) that all those 'good intentions' mean zilch when you need to just survive!!!!!!

  4. I have found myself getting more lax with each addition too :)



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