Friday, July 15, 2011

pin real life: scarf from t shirt

k, there are SO MANY totally brill ideas on pinterest and i'm determined not to let them just sit on their little virtual pinboards mocking me with their wasted brilliance so i'm at it again:
the original pin:
(which looks wa-ay better than mine)

and mine:

it looks a little more like a necklace(?) than a scarf but it only took 10 minutes and means there's one less old t shirt in the cupboard.

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  1. ooooo i like that!! very neat idea :)

  2. like this! might need to pin you, pinning it ;)

  3. Oh your blog is TOTALLY my favourite at the moment. I love it. Totally inspirational. I totally tried it. Like you I think mine looks a bit more like a necklace then a scarf - think you need two tshirts at least to have enough fabric.

  4. awesomesauce

    p.s i have no idea or patience on how to join the flicker thingiee

  5. That is amazing!!

    I made my little fella some t-shirt tights last night that were Dee-inspired :) He got two comments about today and I pointed them in your direction.
    Thanks for inspiring me :)



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