Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make my Week #33 - paint by number restyle

i bought this sweet painting at an op shop a few weeks ago with a project in mind.

like most prints at op shops, it was a sad faded blue but i could still appreciate the magnificent study of light in this painting - the woman is reading an old love note from her guy whose photo is in the lid of the open box on the table. awww~
{does anyone recognise this painting, i'd love to know who it's by...judging by the main "focus" of the light i've narrowed it down to a male artist *wink*}

after looking at it so closely, i almost lost my nerve to paint over it, but i was too curious, so charged ahead!

i'm not convinced (maybe it's the frame?), and it'll probably get painted over again but it was fun having a go.
inspired by this re-paint on pinterest


  1. Oh I love!! Looks slightly Disney-ish? Such a fab idea.

  2. yep. needs a white frame. But thats just my thoughts. I'm still waiting to happen across the perfect print to do something like this too.

  3. Seriously, is there anything you cannot do? Looks great. Cx

  4. Like! But a funky frame would suit better

  5. Great idea...I garee about the frame and I'd change the yellow slightly...maybe a bit muddier...not quite sure.

  6. White Frame - but otherwise picture perfect
    Have you got a linky for these pinned in real life?

  7. It was painted by Jean Raoux (Wikipedia link).

    Next time, try TinEye.com. It's a reverse image search that looks for copies and variations all over the web of any image you upload.


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