Friday, August 12, 2011

PW2 (dee.i.y} doily wrapping paper

i never have wrapping paper when i need it and it drives me nuts so i thought up a way to print my own DOILY (hallelujah!) wrapping paper:

* a doily (this awesome orange one is from Widge! x)
* rolling pin
* brown paper
* washable white paint (my doily is still orange)
* press n seal. (sure, you could use ordinary plastic wrap but where's the fun in that?? this stuff is Serious Fun)

cover your rolling pin in press n seal (or plastic wrap - yawn~). the purpose of this is to keep your rolling pin clean.
whip stitch your doily in place over top of the plastic covering.

liberally apply paint
and rock n roll!

pretty, no?

this package is headed to the talented Rosa-May for the Vintage Kitchen Swap...hope she likes it!!


(ps. if you read in google reader you will have got this twice...deepest (embarrassed) apologies, trying to be organised and got a little eagerish-beaverish!)


  1. Totally genius Dee! Might give this a go next nap time...

  2. This is awesome... I did this in printmaking class in college ;)

  3. Totally and utterly adorably cute !! !! I want to do this !! !! Off to the supermarket for press n seal

  4. ooh! great idea!! definately doing this for christmas gifts this year! x

  5. I'm always out of wrapping paper! Awesomeness

  6. i luuurve it.. thanks for some very lovely inspiration...first timer but I will be back


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